Here at Wax Inc Sheffield city centre we use hot wax for your intimate area ensuring the hair is removed from the root and minimises ingrowing hair.

Please refer to our waxing aftercare guide on how to treat and prepare the skin post and pre-wax treatment.

the Basic Instinct £15.00

A quick, gentle, two side panel wax in the knickerline and crease of leg.

the High Leg Bikini £20
Two side panels going in narrow, the top of pubic line & underneath.

the G String (not quite a Brazilian) £26
High sides, top, butt crack (leaves hair over labia but takes it in narrow).

the Brazilian £30 (Using Hot wax only)
Butt crack, inner/outer labia, landing strip left on pubic mound.

the Hollywood £35 (Using Hot wax only)
Completely bare – a thorough wax that removes everything from back to front. Butt crack-inner, outer labia, all pubic hair.

the Ibiza £13
Butt crack only.

the Malia £13.
Buttocks only.