city centre specialise in male and female intimate waxing.

Looking for male intimate waxing in Sheffield, then you have come to the right place to receive a clean professional wax. With our vast experience and number one training you can be rest assured you won’t regret visiting us at our Sheffield city centre salon.

We use hot wax instead of strip wax for intimate areas to reduce pain and to pull the hair from the root. We have different waxing options – No back sac and crack here we have the Mexican which are buttocks waxing to Boyzilian which waxes the sac, penis and pubic triangle. To find out more about our male intimate waxing, please call 0114 327 2850, book online or visit our salon in Sheffield.

the Speedo £19
Crease of leg and blended.

the Bermuda Triangle £24
Pubic triangle removed and groomed.

the Mexican £24
Buttocks only.

the Ibiza £23
Butt crack only.

the Londoner £37
Buttocks and sack.

the Sheffield £42
Inside bum crack, penis and sac.

the Sunga £52
Sac, penis, butt crack and pubic triangle.

the New Yorker £37
Sac and penis.

the Boyzillian £47
Sac, Penis and pubic triangle.

the Miami £62
Sac, penis, crack, buttocks and pubic triangle.

the Aussie £77
Sac, penis, crack, butt and full back.

the Kiwi £82
Sac, penis, crack, butt, chest and abs.

Full Body Wax £140 to £160