Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

The benefits are simple. Imagine never having to shave again. Never having to worry about razor burn and chance cuts which can leave unsightly scarring. Imagine simply having year round smoother skin without the need for waxing. Your legs are simply yours. You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

In many ways, it sounds too good to be true. No more prickly legs, no more noticeable pores or ingrowing hairs. However, laser hair removal guarantees just this. The only problem? Well, laser hair removal hurts doesn’t it?

Soprano Ice Technology & Painless Laser Hair Removal

Based right here in the heart of Sheffield, we at Wax-Inc have been attending to men and women’s waxing and personal grooming needs for over 10 years. During this time, our customers have only ever came back to us with one single concern. It’s simple. Even the smoothness of a fresh wax simply doesn’t last for as long as people would ideally like it to.

The one thing everyone seems to want is permanent smoothness. Up until recently, though, such smoothness hasn’t been achievable, not without undergoing painful laser hair removal. However, at Wax-Inc, we’re one of just a handful of salons and beauty parlors in the UK, who are now providing completely painless permanent hair removal courtesy of new Soprano Ice laser technology.

How Our New Laser Hair Removal Procedure Works

Like all laser hair removal, the Soprano Ice system works by heating hair follicles embedded deep in the skin’s dermis with short bursts of pulsed laser light. Once a hair follicle has been heated, it dies and will never again develop into a new hair.

However, unlike other laser hair removal techniques which can feel similar to tattooing and moderate sunburn, the Soprano Ice system operates on a hair follicle-specific frequency range. This means that applied pulsed laser light targets hair follicles specifically and never any surrounding skin tissue.

Using Dual Cooling & Perpetual Motion For Better Comfort

Is Soprano Ice laser hair removal really completely painless? The short answer is yes. As well as a cooling gel which is applied prior to treatments, laser light is applied while the Soprano Ice device itself is in perpetual motion across the skin’s surface. Any extra heat is subsequently quickly dissipated and the worst which some patients might experience during treatments is a slight nipping feeling on one or two occasions. In 90% of cases, though, patients won’t actually feel anything at all.

Is Soprano Ice Hair removal Safe?

Are you worried about safety? Don’t be. Since being released on the consumer market in 2009, there hasn’t yet been a single case of people suffering burning or any kind of adverse reaction to Soprano Ice treatment. Even better, the Soprano Ice hair removal is the only laser treatment which is guaranteed as safe for all skin colour and sensitivity types.

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Waxing & Shaving Forever?

Permanent hair removal isn’t just about convenience or people achieving better aesthetic beauty. A large number of men and women suffer from unwanted and occasionally unsightly hair growth which can be both embarrassing and difficult to keep on top of via traditional waxing and shaving.

At Wax-Inc, we’re proud to be able to finally provide permanent and painless hair removal to people through the greater Sheffield area. Need more information? Whatever your personal hair removal needs might be, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. To schedule an appointment for a test patch or to ask for more specific advice simply contact Wax-Inc today by clicking clicking here.


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