Treat Card Points

So you’ve been hooked up with a treat card and I bet you’re wondering how it all works. Well buckle up and i’ll tell ya. All you need to do is attach your card to your keys so that you don’t forget it when you come into the salon. Every time you spend a pound you save a point. However you don’t have to spend money to save points. You can also save points by recommending your friends. If you recommend your friends you and your friends can get 50 points which is the equivalent of spending £50 in salon. Tell me what other salon gives you treatments for free? I’ll wait… Don’t say we don’t give you anything. You’re welcome.




Terms & conditions of use of points

  • Treat points cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Treat points cannot be redeemed in the month of December
  • Treat points are not transferable between people