2019 The Year of Self Care

Self Care

2019 The Year of Self Care

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You have spent weeks if not months planning and thinking about what you were going to buy for your loved ones to put a smile on their faces and make their Christmas a memorable one. Well now it’s a new year and you may have seen all over social media and the news that 2019 is going to be the year of self-care, which is self-explanatory it’s all about looking after you and investing in some much needed me time! And what better way to do that and give yourself a pat on the back then booking in with us so we can pamper you and get you ready for the year ahead.

We are sure your nails are in good need of some love and affection especially after all that wrapping and unwrapping of presents and all that prosecco popping. Let us get those nails refreshed and ready to take on what 2019 has to offer. We have an array of amazing colours for you to choose from and our gel nails fit in great with the core message of self care as they do not damage your nails in fact they are much better for your nails and encourage growth of your natural nails.

While you’re here why not get a spray tan and give yourself a lovely new year glow while we impatiently await sunnier days and our summer holidays to arrive. Again, spray tanning is much better for your skin then baking in a sunbed or suntanning in the sun no matter what factor you are wearing. A spray tan will not damage or prematurely age your skin and you can come back as many times as you like knowing your skin is benefiting from a guilt free glow.

Why not give your eyelashes a break from constant mascara application and treat yourself to some semi-permanent eyelashes they will last you a few weeks and our expert beauty therapists will ensure they use the right length and style of lashes to suit your eyes. While we are tending to your eyes why not treat yourself to some HD brows as well, again our team will consult with you first to give you the right colour and brow shape to really frame your eyes and make your new lashes pop even more!

So, what are you waiting for? Its time to treat yourself after a busy festive period and let us make you feel brand new as you enter a new year. Our friendly team are ready and waiting for your call.