Introducing, Vegan Wax!

Introducing, Vegan Wax!

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For many years, a lot of beauty treatments were not entirely suitable for vegans. Though many vegans would bite the bullet and turn a blind eye if necessary, a lot of beauty treatments would use products that were not vegan and therefore they would be going against their vegan lifestyle. However, this is no longer the case. Thanks to advancements in beauty treatments, we are now able to offer vegan wax for many of our waxing treatments.

 We Now Use Vegan Wax at Wax Inc.

Now that we’re able to offer vegan wax, we’re working hard to make sure we can use it for as many of our waxing treatments as possible. After all, we believe there should be a vegan alternative wherever possible. Currently, we use vegan wax for both hot and warm wax. That means that if you’re a vegan, you can have a hot or warm waxing treatment without having to settle for a type of wax that isn’t vegan.

Waxing is one of our most popular services, which is why we have a number of treatments available. Our specialists offer female waxing and male waxing including eyebrow waxing, intimate waxing and leg waxing. As with all of our beauty treatments, when you choose Wax Inc. you are guaranteed an unmatched service. We’re professional, friendly and precise. So, if you’re in the Sheffield area, pop in.

 Vegan Wax at Wax Inc.

At Wax Inc., we work hard to ensure we’re able to provide a wide range of waxing services to our customers. Whether you’re a man or women, vegan or not, we are able to offer you a first class waxing service. Plus, as we are based in the centre of Sheffield, we’re easy to get to and central to most areas. To find out more about vegan wax or any of our other waxing services, get in touch. Simply contact us today on 0114 327 2850 or via the online contact form. If you have any questions, a member of the Wax Inc. team will be on hand to help. Alternatively, check out our waxing FAQs.