Keeping Your Eyelash Extensions Perfect in Lockdown

Eyelash Removal

Keeping Your Eyelash Extensions Perfect in Lockdown

Keeping Your Eyelashes Perfect in Lockdown 

Lockdown due to the coronavirus is playing havoc with so many of our normal routines, and although we are stuck in the house, letting beauty regimes slip is not something we want to happen. For our nouveau eyelash extension Sheffield customers we have put together this handy guide to removing them using the nouveau lash removing system. 

Infills Offer

If you were at the salon for an infills since the 1st of January, we are delighted to offer you the chance to have your fullest of lashes applied once we reopen for the price of your 3-4 week infill. With the lockdown likely to last three weeks or more we understand that removing your eyelash extension  is going to be the outcome for most people, so you can purchase a box or remover from Wax Inc by emailing us at info@wax-inc.co.uk, and this will cost £9.99. It is easy to use and conditions the lashes looking after them for you until you can return to have your new set applied. 

Removing Your Lashes at Home

So, do not under any circumstances attempt to just pull the lashes off, you will damage and pull your own out with them and that will not be a good look. Even if you are not seeing people trust us you do not want to end up eyelash-less. Instead order the removal kit and wait for it to arrive, it will be worth it we promise! The removal treatment comes in a lip gloss style bottle, and application is simple. Using the sponge tipped wand, simply apply the liquid directly to your lash extensions. Sit back and chill for 3-5 mins, and you will find you can now brush along your eyelid to remove the lash extensions. Gentle wash your face, dry and moisturise. 

Care of Lashes 

While you are waiting for the lock down to be over, it is important you keep up with your skin care routine and don’t forget to take care of your own lashes. You should wash your face every night before bed and take care to remove any eye make-up. Never sleep with your makeup on, panda eyes are not a good look and what’s more it isn’t good for the health of your lashes. Try and think positive, the time you have without your eyelash extensions is time your lashes have to re-thicken and you can get various serums off the internet to help you with this. It is also worth remembering that we are approaching hay fever season and while it can be really hard to ignore itchy eyes, try and get the appropriate drops and medications. Rubbing your eyes damages your lashes and this is something you want to avoid. You have the perfect window to grow yourself some nice thick lashes so that when we apply your next set of nouveau lashes you will have the best and fullest result leaving them looking even better than before. Drop us a message if you have any questions and we will try our best to help.

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