Make Sure You Wax Over Winter

Make Sure You Wax Over Winter

Don’t Let the Cold Cramp Your Style

When you think of winter, the first thought that crosses your mind isn’t normally waxing. The temperature drops, we start putting on more clothes, and we aren’t laying on the beach. All this combines to make it just a little bit easier for us to let our beauty routines fall behind. This is one of the worst things we can do!

It’s extremely important that you keep all of your waxing appointments, just like you would if it was the middle of summer. You might think that waxing is just about removing your excess hair, but there’s more to it than that. The main goal of waxing is to get the stages of hair growth synchronized so that your hair will regenerate on approximately the same cycle. Once you have a good cycle of regeneration, you should experience longer periods of smoother skin.

There are three main stages to your hair growth.

  • Stage one is called the Anagen stage, and this is where over 80% of your hair is at most times. It’s during the Anagen stage that new hair is produced and growing.
  • Stage two is known as the Catagen stage. This is the stage where your hair starts to fall out. Your hair is not receiving any nutrients at this stage and at any time there is only about 2-3% of your hair in this stage.
  • Stage three is called the Telogen, and this is when your hair has reached its full size. Normally about 15% of your hair is at this stage.

So that you can get your hair growth to synchronize you start waxing in roughly two-week periods. This is to ensure that all of your hair will have an opportunity to be removed at the root and end up on the same cycle. Once you get all of your hair to the same cycle, then you can begin to move your appointments further apart, approximately one month.

By keeping up with your regular waxing appointments, you’ll ensure that the hair grows back thinner and softer. Don’t shave in between your waxing appointments because that will interrupt your hair cycle.

It can take between one and two months to get your hair growth synchronized, and you don’t want to waste all of that fabulous sunny weather! Maintaining your waxing schedule will mean that when summer time rolls around you won’t have to scramble to catch up and start all over again.