Nail Tips While Surviving Lockdown

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Nail Tips While Surviving Lockdown

Hands up if you are already stressed with the lockdown? Don’t worry you certainly are not alone but for now it is something we must put up with. Now, this does present somewhat of a challenge when it comes to our beauty regimes as all your favourite salons are closed. We would love to be considered essential workers but to be honest we are better safe than sorry. However, for our gel nails Sheffield customers we are here to help as best we can, even if we have to stay miles away from you. So, here are some care tips for your gel nails and acrylic nails, including how to remove them safely at home if they get too shabby for you. 

Care at Home

Sadly there isn’t anything you can do to slow the growth of your own nails underneath the gels or acrylics, you can of course tidy up the shape with a file but it is going to come down to how long you can live with growth, or when you break one that will determine the inevitable need to remove. So how do you go about that at home?

Removing Gel Nails

It is actually fairly easy to remove gel nails with a little bit of patience and a few key items you likely have at home or can pop onto a supermarket delivery. So, you will need: cotton wall (balls or pads), acetone or nail varnish remover, some tin foil, a nail file, a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick and some moisturiser or cuticle oil if you have it.

Start by filing over the polish, this helps to break the seal, and although some of the polishes don’t need it, it is better to just do this anyway. Now, soak your cotton wool in the acetone and place it over the bed of the nail. Individually wrap each nail in some tin foil so it is nice and tight and won’t fall off. Pop hand carefully in a towel and keep it warm for 10 mins. When you remove the foil, you should now be able to push the gel off with the cuticle pusher. Buff the nails with a file and once all polish is gone, wash your hands and apply moisturiser or oil to each nail bed and your hands. 

Removing Acrylic Nails 

This is a similar process but they are harder to ‘unbond’ so you will need to soak your nails in a bath of acetone for at least 40 minutes. It can be quite harsh on the skin for that length of time so you can wrap with foil again but trap a cotton wall ball soaked in acetone against each nail for the duration. After this time, you can see if they will come off, if they don’t you should repeat step one checking every 10 mins or so. Never force them, it can seriously damage your own nails and cause a lot of pain. Once you have removed them wash and moisturise your nails as before.