New Year New Smoother You

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New Year New Smoother You

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You may I have a long list of resolutions and things you want to achieve in 2019, well we hope on that list is some ME time in the form of regular waxing perhaps, it may still be winter but nothing beats the feeling of a nice smooth legs. Wax is in our name so when it comes to all things waxing we have got you and all the areas you want to get smooth.

If you’re a wax pro or a wax virgin we have something to suit your needs here at Wax Inc and our friendly beauty therapist will make your visit as pain free as possible. We offer lower and upper body waxing so, if you have hair you want to say bye bye too, then look no further come and say hello to your new waxing squad! Leave that at home waxing kit alone and let us take the stress out of waxing.

If you want to avoid a prickly leg moment and you may think even with tights on you are safe but those pesky little hairs can still peek through so, a full or half leg wax is just what you need. We are sure you are making the most of the January sales and those amazing deals on food and drink to curb your January blues! So why not get your legs smooth luscious to boot. What better accessory to show of your new dress or boots than your lovely legs!

Here are some of the facts about the waxing we offer. We use hypoallergenic warm wax for areas such as the legs, arms and back. This wax is also great for sensitive skin. And to keep those annoying in growing hairs at bay make sure you exfoliate and moisturise. You should exfoliate 3 days after your wax and moisturise every day.

Just some of our does and don’ts!

  • We know you like to look good but do not step foot in that gym for at least 48 hours. We all need a day or two off anyway so enjoy it and use it as an excuse to order a takeaway and put your feet up, you earnt it, you just survived the busiest month in the social calendar!

  • Do not expose your newly waxed skin to the sun that goes for sun beds too. So, if you are chasing that winter sun leave it alone for at least 48 hours and then chase away!

  • We know you wont be able to resist touching you new smooth areas, but don’t! Of course, for at least 48 hours.

For more information please check out are waxing aftercare page: https://wax-inc.co.uk/waxing-aftercare/

So, if you need an excuse to have two days off from the gym and treat yourself we are awaiting your call!