October Offers

October Offers

Here at Wax Inc beauty, we know a fair deal about hair removal, and we are often surprised at how shocked people are when they realise that hair removal doesn’t have to be painful.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Our professionals are well-trained and well-equipped, and can easily provide you with a wax treatment or laser service without the screams! At Wax Inc, we always make your comfort our priority, and we promise to make you feel welcome from the moment you step inside our door!

What Different Types Of Hair Removal Do We Offer?

From waxing to laser treatments, we have a whole range of near pain-free ways to help you go from a Scary Mary, to far-from-hairy this October! Check out the processes for both of these treatments below.


Waxing: we know that even the word might seem a little scary to some, but it really doesn’t have to be. Our experienced professionals are more than confident that they can make this process a spectacularly smooth one for you.

This method of hair removal is semi-permanent, and works by extracting hairs directly from the root. Our professional wax treatments can usually prevent hair from growing back for around 2-8 weeks, dependent on your personal hair-growth cycle.

In comparison to shaving and using hair-removal cream, this process creates long-lasting results, thinner hair, and works well to prevent skin damage.

At Wax Inc, we always recommend taking care of your skin after a wax treatment, and you can do this by moisturizing or using an antiseptic cream. You can also exfoliate a few times a week with a dry brush to prevent any ingrown hairs from appearing.

For your peace of mind, we only ever use the highest quality blend of hot and warm wax from Perron Rigot, who have been creating gentle wax products since the 1930s!

Laser Treatment

If you are considering getting a first-class hair removal laser treatment, then we can certainly help you! Laser treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days of painful, ineffective, and terrifyingly expensive laser treatments.

Laser treatment in 2020 is an investment! If you can picture yourself without the hassles of shaving, or even if waxing just isn’t your thing, then this could certainly be an excellent option for you!

Laser hair removal is certainly long-lasting, if not permanent in many cases. It works by targeting hair follicles and keeps hair away by ensuring that nothing will continue to grow in the targeted areas.

There are thousands of women who swear by laser therapy, and with the advancements in laser technology, you can comfortably remove hair from almost any area you choose.

If you have been thinking about getting a wax or laser treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and you can cash in on some of our far-from-frightening Halloween Deals this October.

We are now offering a spookily good 15% OFF on Mondays and Tuesdays.


A terrifically terrifying 20% OFF on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

OFFER ENDS – 31st October 2020

We offer much more than just hair removal treatments too, check out our deals and come in for your semi-permanent lash extensions, acrylic and gel nail extensions, spray tans, HD brows, and much, much more!