Men Can Wax Too!

Men Can Wax Too!

The Metrosexual Man: Looking After Me Is Important

As times change, so do trends. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, being a hairy man was cool. Sunglasses, handlebar moustaches and a good ol’ chest full of hair were what drove the women crazy.

Nowadays though that doesn’t fly. Many men spend many hours crafting and sculpting the perfect body in the gym – and you don’t want all that hard work buried underneath a carpet of hair do you?

We’re in an era where things like grooming and hair removal for men isn’t frowned upon anymore. If anything, it’s almost expected.

Naturally, hair removal for men a little further south, male intimate waxing, also falls into this same category. It can be more painful, but the results are worth it.

And fellas, trust us when we say the yard definitely looks bigger once the grass is cut, if you catch our drift.

The most common male intimate waxing that guys go for is the full Sunga – better known as the ‘back, sack and crack’.

It shares its name with the female equivalent – i.e. stripping every last hair from your pubic triangle, penis, sac and buttocks – giving you an all round clean feeling.

Next up is the ‘Boyzilian’ – a lovely play on words inspired by the ‘Brazilian’ which is the female equivalent. This involves less work, as hair is removed from the pubic triangle, penis and sac, leaving the buttocks and crack untouched.

The other most common male intimate wax is the full body – all the hair from head to toe gets mercilessly removed

For those looking to get a wax down there, you should know that the hair should be no shorter than 5mm. Any shorter, and the effectiveness of the strip will be reduced. Any longer, and the pain intensifies, so it may need to be trimmed before applying the strip.

Typically, you’ll start to see regrowth in the first 3 weeks, before it comes back with a vengeance after that. However, after multiple sessions, you’ll notice that the hair comes back slower, though it will never stop completely.

Ideally you’ll want to come in for repeat sessions every 4-6 weeks, though as said above, over time this time span will increase as the hair growth slows.

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