Does It Hurt? Is It Worth It?

Whenever I speak to first time clients or even friends about what we do, one of the first questions that without a doubt I’m always asked is “Does it hurt?” or “Is it worth it?” The answer to the first varies and, of course, it’s worth it!

I’m not going to lie; waxing can hurt. How much varies from person to person, how much hair is being removed, how often you get waxed and the skill of the person doing the waxing. If you have a lot of hair to remove and have never been waxed before then yes, it can hurt, the more often you get waxed, the easier you will find it becomes.

Often people have tried to wax themselves at home or had friends try to wax them, only to suffer disastrous results. By going to see a professional beauty expert you are guaranteeing that you are getting the best job possible.

The next is obvious, of course, it’s worth it and no pain no gain is the old saying, and nothing is truer. It may hurt a little at the time, most people just find it to be an irritating pain that is over quickly, but in the end having a smooth hair free body is definitely worth it. Nothing is better than strutting your stuff along the pool or beach, smooth as silk and twice as confident.

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

How long should my hair be before I get a wax?

The minimum that most people require is at least seven days after you last shaved.

Should I trim before my appointment?

No! We’ll take care of that for you, no matter how long and scary looking your hair is.

How often should I get waxed?

Most clients prefer to maintain a three or four-week routine.

Will my hair stop growing?

No, but it will become sparser and finer the more you get waxed.