Which Brow Are You?


Which Brow Are You?

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The most anticipated cover of the year has been revealed, the September issue of British Vogue and for the first time it features the absolute babe that is Rihanna. This cover has caused a reaction for many different reasons, first and foremost for the very thin eyebrows Rihanna is sporting, now ladies step away from the tweezers because we are not going back to the 90s when this daring brow was all the rage. Fortunately for all concerned thin brows are not making a comeback, just a quick scroll through RiRi’s Instagram and you can see her still rocking her trademark defined brows. Luckily for RiRi she looks beautiful whatever state her brows are in.

If this has left, you wondering which brows are best for you? Well that is where we come in. Our brow beauty experts will talk you through the best shape to suit your face and make you the cover star on your friends Instagram feed! So, if you have a round face that needs a high, sharp brow, a long face that needs a long-defined brow, or a heart shaped face that needs a straight light brow, you have come to the right place and you will leave with a brow that suits your uniquely beautiful self.

Just some of the facts HD brows uses seven techniques to get the best brow for you, from consultation, all the way through to aftercare our beauty therapist will achieve the desired effect that’s perfect for you. This unique way of styling eyebrows really makes your brows stand out and this is why they have become such a firm favourite with everyone from Love Island Queen Dani Dyer to Music Royalty babes such as Rihanna. Your HD brows will last around 4 to 6 weeks and due to the unique mix of techniques used if you do have sparse brows this will also help with regrowth, you will really love your new HD look and you will wonder why you never tried them before. Once you go HD you will never go back!

Want to know more? Our friendly team are ready and waiting to match you up with the brows that were made for you! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get yourself booked in.


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Brow inspiration

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Images taken from Rihanna’s Instagram.

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